Smartphone Game: Real Bowling Strike, Be the Best Bowler!!

Feb 21, 2017

Real bowling strike is a game where you have to bowl like real life. If you don't know how to play, then read carefully. First, on the menu screen, there are two options. Single player, where you play by yourself and beat your score over again, and multiplayer, where you do pass 'n' play with one other person. When you select one of the options, you can pick your bowling ball. There are currently eight balls, a pink and white one that is already unlocked when you download the game. The other seven will be locked but you can buy them with coins that you collect when you play a game and do well. There is a turquoise, blue, navy blue, dark green, scaly, lava/magma, and a dark purple bowling ball. Purple is the best in all three aspects: power, hook, and control and it costs 1000 coins. Above the bowling ball, there is a section where you can type in your nickname/name for your game.


The controls are simple when you play the game, you position your ball to aim at the centre pin and swipe forward to roll the bowling ball. There is also a little trick, if the ball is edging to the gutter, you can swipe in a curve shape to change the ball's path for you to achieve a strike (when you knock down all the pins in the first go, a spare is when you knock down all the pins in two goes.) When you have finished all your goes in Real Bowling Strike, the game will add up all your points and give you the total and how many coins you have earned with that score.


The developer of Real Bowling Strike, Narsimha Reddy Mutukndu, has made no other apps and games, so this is the first game. I think it is really good but the music is annoying once you have listened to it over and over again. I hope that the developer will add a feature where you can play online or with more than two people on the same device. I also hope that there will be themes of the game such as your faverite colour and you can add your own tracks to the game. It has been rated a 3.0/5.0 in the Tizen Store, the graphics are really good and creative to keep us engaded with the game and as I have already said. The sounds are annoying after listening to them over a period of time. This game is available in the Tizen Store for the Samsung Z1, Z2, and Z3. You can get it now for free with a download size of 11.35MB. If you are a game or app developer and you want your game or app reviews on Tizen Experts, contact us at

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