Smartphone Game: Silent Depth Submarine Simulation for your Tizen Devices

Feb 14, 2017

Silent Depth Submarine Simulation is a 3D game, where you have to take the commands from your leader in the US Navy during the World War 2, set in the Pacific Ocean. You need to attack the Japanese merchant ships without being caught by the escorts. You will have to use your torpedo or the deck gun to fight them off. You, as the player, need to manage your ship, including all the different parts that may be damaged. There is a map of the Pacific Ocean and you can change your destination so you can take down some ships. The developer,, has stated that a rankings feature is coming as part of the next scheduled update, be the best you can be!!!

When playing Silent Depth Submarine Simulation, you press play on the main menu you have three sections to choose from- War Patrol, Continue Game, and Training. War Patrol is the level where you are in command of the submarine USS Trigger. Continue Game is simple- you continue the last game you played and then the last one, Training, you are on a training mission to find a merchand ship and destroy it without getting caught.

I think that the music is really good and addictive, so are the 3D graphics and conrols, I would rate it a 3 for sound and a 4 for graphics. In the Tizen Store, it has been rated a 4.4 which is really good. The developer, Martin Leidel has currently made no other games in the Tizen Store but hopefully will make more in the future. It has to be said that this a really good first game from him and we look forward to more of the same.





  • Real day/night cycles with realistic sun/moon/star settings and lighting
  • Different weather conditions with changed visibility (including fog, rain)
  • Realistic water
  • A huge world: The whole Pacific!
  • Realistic damage models, repair your submarine, prioritise your tasks dependent whether your submarine is surfaced or not
  • Sink enemy ships with torpedoes or your deck gun
  • More than 10 different ships to encounter like battleships, carriers, destroyers, cruisers, tankers, troop transporters, freighters, submarines
  • Different kind of fleets, single targets, with and without escorts are being generated
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Different water quality settings depending on your hardware



It is available in the tizen Store for FREE with a download size of 56.36MB

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