Smartphone Game: Turtle warrior, be the warrior with your Tizen Devices

Feb 7, 2017

Turtle Warrior is a game where you have to jump on platforms, making sure you do not miss them in order not to die. The controls are simple - tap the left side of your screen to jump to the left and tap the right side of your screen to jump to the right. Your turtle runs fast, so you are going to need those fingers (or thumbs) ready to tap constantly. Unfortunately, you can't change your dragon's appearance but hopefully the developer, Orlando Nandito Nehemia, will add that feature in future updates. In the description of the game, Orlando has put that leaderboards are coming soon, I will be keeping an eye out for that.


Turtle Warrior has been rated 3.6 and the majority have rated it a 5 star, I would rate it a four mainly because you can't customize the turtle. I like the 3D graphics of the platforms and the surrounding area, the sound is also really good, it gives the game an addictive touch if it isn't addictive enough with the gameplay.


Currently this is the only game that Orlando Nandito Nehemia has made but with this as the first game, I am looking forward to what the developer will make in the future. Also Orlando has made this game with the Unity development framework. It is free in the Tizen Store for all ages and has a download size of 11.31MB.



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