Smartphone App: New battery saver app added to Tizen Store

Feb 5, 2017

Modern smartphones have many different important components and the battery is one critical part, as without it your smartphone really loses all its appeal. So, there are lots of services that can decrease our smartphone's battery life. A new Battery Saver app has been added to the Tizen Store by developer Mauro Ibba.

This is a free app that helps the user to scan all the battery consuming services, which it can disable a particular serviceĀ in order to save more battery. The app can scan Wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, mobile data, screen brightness etc. services and help you get even more outstanding battery life from your device.


How to use

  • Launch the app
  • Tap on big battery icon
  • The app will go into auto scan mode
  • You can activate or deactivate any services or tap to skip
  • After you are finished tap the back button

So, you can use this app by tapping once to easily save your battery life.



This app is available now for all Tizen-powered smartphones from Tizen store, with a download size of 3MB.

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