Smartwatch App: BMW Connected Released for Samsung Gear S2 and S3

Feb 1, 2017

Today, we have had another important Gear app being added to the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, further enhancing the Tizen ecosystem. The BMW group have added their BMW Connected app, which lets you connect to BMW Connected Drive and is compatible with Apple Watch Series 2, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Android and now Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches.

The BMW Connected app uses the Open Mobility Cloud in order to connect smart devices; such as smartphones and smartwatches to their smart car. Users will be able to access various types of Information, such as driving times that also take into account current traffic conditions. BMW are hoping to achieve a totally connected end-to-end journey management experience that seamlessly Integrates with your vehicle.

As a proud Samsung Gear owner, and we are assuming you've got a BMW, you can be alerted when it’s time to leave for their next trip, check your fuel level, unlock your BMW, and more – all directly from the Gear S3 watch face.

You'll be able to Stay on time, in touch, and in control with BMW Connected on your Gear watch and Android device giving you a new digital experience with your automobile.


Gear S3 / Android Features

  • Pull up your next trip and send it to your BMW
  • Show you where you last parked so you find your BMW with ease
  • Display your fuel level (for select vehicles)
  • Lock your BMW, or turn on the ventilation system, from anywhere
  • And much more (explore the app!)






This is the Initial release of the app and BMW have promised more features to be released soon, so keep following Team Tizen for all the news.

Note: BMW Connected is optimised for 2014 and newer vehicles. While the app’s features will function as expected on many 2013 and earlier vehicles, some vehicles may be incompatible with certain services. Usage of the app is based on the general contractual and usage conditions for BMW ConnectedDrive.


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