Smartphone Game: Military Cargo Transport get on the move with Game

Feb 17, 2017

Military Cargo Transport is a game where you have to serve in the Military transport division. There are a number of levels where you, as the player, have to drive the vehicle to the specified destination. First, you need to load the tank onto the truck and then the Humvee. Then you need to take the truck to where the C130 Transport plane and then load the Humvee and the tank onto the Transport Plane and after that, you get to fly the plane. When I tried to fly the plane for the first time- I made it explode!

The controls are simple, there are two arrows in the left-bottom corner, one pointing left and one pointing right. On the right-bottom corner is the brake and accelerator, that's easy, but I can't fly the plane. As you know, I always make it explode. The developer, mobile apps Ltd, has currently made eleven other games, Bike Traffic Rider, Jungle Runner, Archery Hangman and Dog Simulator to name a few. I really like the smooth graphics and the sound are quite good because they sound life like. In the Tizen Store, Military Cargo Transport has been rated 4.2/5.0 which is really good. I hope in future updates, the developer will add bonus levels that contain ramps or something like that. I will definitely be looking out for what else this particular developer will offer in the future.




  • Super realistic graphics
  • Exciting Levels
  • Handle take off and landing from ground runway and aircraft carriers
  • Drive tanks across desert terrains
  • Navigate motor boats across the open sea
  • Fly helicopters through storms
  • Fun drift levels
  • Super smooth controls
  • Real-time vehicle physics
  • Feel the thrill of flying planes
  • Enjoy a challenging mountain rally course in a Humvee.



This game is available in the Tizen Store now for FREE with a download size of 50.82MB.


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