Smartphone Game: Zombo Buster Rising & Bois D'Arc are available at Tizen Store

Feb 5, 2017

Steven, who is from a team of Indie game devs based in Indonesia named FIREBEAST, would like to Introduce you to two games that they have recently added to the Tizen Store:


Zombie Buster Rising

Zombie Buster Rising is a game about a zombie apocalypse. You need to save yourself, it's kill or be killed! You start off alone on the top of a roof of a building, inside there are people and you have to protect them. You start off with twenty lifes, with each zombie that goes into the building you lose one life. As you progress throughout the game levels, there will be more types of zombies such as zomgirl who is better than the first kind of zombies- zomboys!! Haha.

You also form a team of three, you can upgrade their skills, guns and reload times. There is also a shop, you don't need to pay with real money, you can buy a medical kit to give you five more lives and two others. In your journal, you have the different types of zombies that you've encountered. You also upgrade your power-ups, costing you your gems. The developer has made some other games, such as: Bois D'Arc, Tint Chick, LEAP and Om Telnet Om the Game. I think this game has really good graphics and sound, I will definitely keep playing it in the future. Available in the Tizen Store now, with a download size of 59.33MB and for FREE!


Bois D'Ark

Bois D'Ark is a game where you have to protect your castle. At the start, you have a choice of three characters with different powers, speed and attack damages. Once you are playing you have to shoot the enemies. If you don't kill them, they with attack and possibly destroy your castle when it reaches zero. In the menu sections, there are three game slots, so you can try all three heroes out. There are also upgrades for your arrows and castle such as one that makes the base of your castle stronger. If you finish some levels, you get a challenge, where you have to fight, sounds normal to me really. In the achievements, you have to complete a task or clear a stage with a perfect score or upgrade your hero fully.
This game has really good graphics and charging sounds. It is available in the Tizen Store now with a download size of 34.47MB for all Tizen smartphones and it's for FREE!


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