1Password: Password manager and generator app for Tizen Smartphones

Mar 14, 2017

Our passwords are one of the most important things in our digital life and we are forever hearing of services being hacked. If you're not using strong passwords, then your account could be in danger of becoming compromised. In order to combat this new world problem a new app has been added to Tizen store by Mobimax named 1Password.

1Password can save all of your various account passwords - including bank account, tv, car, desktop, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, credit card, visa etc. You can also generate strong passwords for any of your accounts. Let's see how to use this app and what features the developer provides us.


How to use it

At first launch of your app you've to set a master password for when you open the app later. It will create a secure password automatically. If you forget the master password you can unlock the app by this secure password, then tap '+' button to add any password and relevant account details.



1. Secured by an Advance Encryption System
2. Allows you to store unlimited password and account details.
3. Generate any strong password up to 32 character length
4. Auto lock the app when the screen switches off
5. Delete all passwords by entering wrong secure code
6. Easy access with master password
7. List of most popular passwords

This app was previously released as a paid app. Now it's totally free but I think it's not free for forever, so it's better if you download it today.



This app is available now available for all Tizen Smartphones for the Tizen Store. If you face any problems then please `approach the developer, but you can also leave a comment in the comments section below.

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