SmartWatch App: Endomondo, Map My Run, MyFitnessPal, UA Record apps available for Gear S2 and S3

Mar 3, 2017

Under Armour, an American sports brand, has released 4 popular sports apps and a watchface for the Gear S2 / S3 smartwatches. The companies mission statement is "Make all athletes better ..." and the use of wearable tech can certainly help track workouts and motivate us to reach and surpass our fitness goals. The released smartwatch companion apps are Endomondo, MyFitnessPal, Map My Run, UA Record and Own the Day watchface.




MapMyRun, as the name suggests, is a running app that helps you get the most out of your chosen pastime. It Integrates with your Gear S3 and allows you to track duration, pace, speed and heart rate. You can real-time track your workout with a map that is displayed on your smartwatch displaying your route. Works with the Android MapMyRun app that lets you see your routes, data, and lets you share the Information via email or social media.


Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

Get quick access to your nutritional summary for the day, making sure you can reach your desired goals. You can view your calories remaining, burnt and also your daily stats on Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. You can input the amount of water you have consumed and amount of calories direct from your smartwatch, no need to get your smartphone out of your pocket. Additionally, you can also quick glance your steps taken for the day. This app works with the Android MyFitnessPal app.


Endomondo - Running and Walking

You get to track all your workouts, such as swimming to skiing, using the Internal GPS.  Information such as route, duration, distance, pace, speed and heart rate all get logged for you to analyse at your leisure. This app works with the Android Endomondo App and lets you sync and share your workouts with friends over email and social networks.


Under Armour Own the Day

The UA Watch face for Gear shifts colours from morning to night which the company says helps you keep pace with the day. "Get pumped to meet the track at dawn and wind down to give your body the rest it needs at night."


UA Record


Forms part of the companies connected health and fitness system. You can track your sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition. The app also connects with Samsung's S-Health app and also works with MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal to give you a single view of your progress and activity levels.

All apps are now available from the Galaxy Apps Store and are compatible with the Gear S2 / S3 smartwatches.


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