Get started with Visual Studio Tools for Tizen with this Webinar

Mar 4, 2017

Developers familiar with C# have a new Operating System in Tizen to make applications for. The Visual Studio Tools is still in developer preview and to date, two developer previews have been released. This update brings improvements in the API and also a new feature to support development of TV applications. Samsung have also improved Xamarin.Forms APIs and have brought in Tizen extensions for Xamarin.Forms.

The update also enables app development for TVs which is where Samsung wants to increase the number of developers to work on. If you are a developer who knows his/her way around developing in C# but facing difficulties with building apps for Tizen, then watch the webinar below to get started with developing apps for Tizen using Visual Studio.




Check out our developer section for more Information on developing your apps for the Tizen platform.

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