Samsung files patent to use flexible secondary displays on smartwatches

Mar 29, 2017

Flexible displays are most certainly going to be the next big technological innovation in the near future. But, at this point in time, we still haven't explored all the possible use cases that such display panels can bring apart from being used in foldable, bendable and rollable phones and tablets. Now, a Patent filing from Samsung has surfaced online with a new use case for flexible displays in wearables such as a smartwatch.



The patent suggests a flexible display to implemented on the rotary bezel of a smartwatch resembling that of a Gear S2 or S3 and displaying information such as weather, music playlists, date etc. The patent also details that the display can be rotated only up to 90 degrees. The rotating bezel first introduced on the Gear S2 helps users control various aspects of apps within the smartwatch. Now, with an additional display being mounted on this bezel opens up more possibilities and extends the use cases of the smartwatch.

While big firms such as Samsung keep experimenting with a lot of things at their R&D centers and patent most of such experimental projects, not all of those end up as a consumer product. Hence, the chances of this concept smartwatch with a secondary display to hit mass production could be very unlikely.

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