Gear S3 Frontier LTE version gets an update, with Jansky Wearable ?

Mar 8, 2017

As many of you know, the Tizen Experts team loves software/firmware updates for our Tizen-based devices, and one has just got an update. The Gear S3 Frontier LTE model number SM-R765 has got a small, but hopefully important, update that measure in at only 35MB.

According to the small changelog, the update has general performance nad device stability improvements, but also adds a new unknown feature: Jansky wearable. At this stage, no one is able to tell us what this feature actually is and how it will manifest itself on the wearable device. Firmware updates for the Gear S3 have slowed down at the moment with the last one being several months ago now.


Just to recap, this update is NOT for the non-LTE Gear S3 version model number SM-R760, but most likely it will receive it soon. Usually we have updates to the non-LTE version devices first and then the LTE versions, so this is something new.

Have you updated yet? Noticed anything new that we haven't covered or do you actually know what Jansky wearable is? Reach out to Team Tizen Experts on [email protected].

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10 comments on “Gear S3 Frontier LTE version gets an update, with Jansky Wearable ?”

          1. I have a SM-R765A through ATT. In North East Texas. My software version is R765AUCU1APJ8.

          2. Mine is now R765TUVU2AQA6. From what I have found online AT&T hasn't released the update yet. Maybe you should give them a call and see if there is an ETA.

          3. I wont hold my breath. ATT is one of the worst at releasing software updates. Which is why I only buy unlocked and unbranded phones now.

  1. Good News Guys!!

    All you have to do is google Jansky

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    ...actually a Jansky is a unit of measure of spectral flux density. 1 Jansky = 10^−26 watts/ meter^2/ Cycle/ sec. Multiple fields use it but it is mainly used in radio astronomy. It is basically a high resolution measurement for faint signal in the electromagnetic spectrum.
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  2. It is disappointing that the update does not include a improvement on S Voice or replacing S Voice with something better.

  3. I suspect that the non-LTE version hasn't got it yet because it somehow requires a working LTE component, whatever, "Jansky Wearable" ends up being anyway.


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