Samsung will release 22 additional curved TV models worldwide

Mar 30, 2017

Samsung lead the Smart TV revolution and many of their recent and upcoming Innovations are due to the Linux-based Tizen Operating System, as well as new advances like their QLED screen technology. Now, a new report out in Korea states that Samsung are going to be releasing 22 different kinds of curved screen TVs.

Samsung is going to release 22 additional curved TV models worldwide. This is a bit of a surprise to some TV pundits as its main rivals in this space, Sony and LG, have decided against bringing curved TVs to the market this year. Many reviewers and consumers feel that the curved TVs are nothing more than a gimmick, which is probably why some of Samsung’s rivals have decided to stop making them altogether.

The unique selling point for a curved TV is that it should, at least in theory, provide an immersive wraparound effect. Manufacturers like Samsung often compare it to the curved that’s present in IMAX screens. However, this can never be a fair comparison due to the sheer size of IMAX screens. Samsung are now the only high-end TV manufacturer to still believe in curved TVs, so it will be Interesting to see if consumer confidence matches Samsungs.

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