Next Tizen powered smartphone Samsung Z4 makes appearance at FCC

Mar 15, 2017

Samsung's next Tizen Smartphone, the Samsung Z4 SM-Z400F, has made its appearance at the FCC. Looking through the details of the filing we can see that there will be a Dual-SIM variant of the device with model number SM-Z400F/DS. The Samsung Z4 will now be the fourth smartphone powered by Tizen that the Korean tech giant will release. Previous models were the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3.

We do not know much more details about the device at the moment, other than we suspect it will be the first Tizen mobile to be released running the version 3.0 of the Tizen OS. Currently, Tizen 4.0 is being developed but will definitely not be ready in time for the Z4 launch as looks like to be feature complete by September 2017.

Now that the FCC stop is complete we should see the Z4 being launched reasonably quickly.


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