Smartphone App: System Manager App released for your Tizen Mobile

Mar 30, 2017

Today we have an app named System Manager provided by developer Cong Ly Tran for showing RAM status and CPU and RAM status with graphs and also supports RAM and storage cache cleaning by opening Smart Manager. Samsung has already released the Smart Manager app for RAM Cleaning, Data Saving, Data managing, Battery Status, security and storage managing for Tizen Smartphones and other Samsung android smartphone series i.e. J series, C series and A series.

After opening the System Manager app the start screen will show your usage of total RAM with it's graph and RAM status and also show your CPU usage status and it's graph. You can clean the running applications by tap on 'Open Cleaner' button, directly open your smart manager app.


  • RAM usage info
  • RAM usage status
  • RAM usage graph
  • CPU usage status
  • Quick open Smart manager
  • Clean running apps and clear RAM



This app is available for all Tizen Smartphone. Download it from Tizen Store for 4.61MB. To download this app go to Tizen Store > Categories > Utilities > New Free.

Do you find the app useful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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