Smartphone Game: Boxing - Beat The Enemies!!!

Mar 28, 2017

Boxing Beat The Enemies is a game where you have to box- simple as. The game has really good and detailed graphics but unfortunately, there is no sound. I hope in future updates, the developer will add at least a background music or some effects to when you pound your opposition. The game has been rated four points one out of five by 169 people. The majority of the people who have rated it, have rated it a five which is really good, the developer should be proud. 🙂

The developer, Nguyen Thanh Tan, has currently made fifteen other games. These are Phone Number Location (rated three points one out of five), Hidden Object (rated three point seven out of five), Piano (rated three point seven out of five),  Mirror HD (rated two point eight out of five), Flow (rated two point three out of five), Shooter Challenger (rated three point two out of five), Hill Racing (rated three point eight out of five), Race (rated four point zero out of five), BlackJack (rated three point five out of five), Duck Shooter (rated four point six out of five), Jewels (rated three point eight out of five), Jewels (rated two point two out of five), AND ALOT MORE!!!


In the game, you can be one of two characters- IRONFIST or DYNAMITE. When you pick one, you are put in the ring with the one you did not pick- hatred and betrayal. Once you have picked a person to fight with, you have a how to play screen- if you tap, you do a normal punch. If you swipe upwards, you preform an upper cut, if you tap the button that is near the bottom of the screen, you will defend yourself (AND YOUR FACE!!!) If you swipe left or right you will punch to the left or the right side of the person you are opposing.

Boxing also has the features of an actual boxing match, like when a person has been knocked down, they get ten seconds to recover or to get back up. I quite like this feature.

This game is available in the Tizen Store now for FREE for your Tizen mobile with a download size of 17.51MB. If you are a developer and you want your app or game reviewed by us, then contact us at [email protected].


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