Smartphone Game: Clash of Armors

Mar 31, 2017

Clash of Armors is a game where you have to shoot and destroy the other tanks with your FIREPOWER!!! The game has been rated three point nine out of five by 366 people, a respectable score. The game has really good and addictive sounds and the graphics are really good and arcade like. It gives it a nice, classic touch.

The developer, Appsworx Pte Ltd, has currently made thirteen other games. They are, Freeway Racing I, Subway Kiddo Run, Ninja Assassin's, The Apprentice Chef, Table Soccer Star, Banana Islands Quest, Connect Pro (HD), Generals Modern Conflicts, The Apprentice Barista, Robit Cop vs Zombies 1, Werewolf City Runner, TOKYO NIGHT RACE, Astro Fighter Wings, and Oceanarium.


How to play

When you open the Clash of Armors, you start with a loading screen. Once the game has has finished loading you are on the main menu. There is the play button, more (as in more games that the developer has made), help (pretty obvious), settings and then exit (quite simple so far.) When you press play, you come to a map with several medals, you click on the medal- each medal representing a level- and wait for the game to start. When you are in the game- on the left- lower corner- there is the joystick you use to move. But for the shooting, you don't need to do anything- your mech shoot automatically. With the money the evil mechs drop, you can upgrade your mech- the magnet field, move speed, aim speed, the armour, the gun, and the agility of your mech.


Clash of Armors is available in the Tizen Store now for FREE for your Tizen smartphone, with a download size of 16.55MB. If you are a game or an app developer and you want your app or game reviewed by us, then contact us at [email protected]

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