Smartphone Game: Color Surge for Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3,Available in Tizen Store

Mar 23, 2017

Color Surge is a game where you have to swipe and slide. The developer, Joseph Guy, has currently made no other games or apps, but this is a really good first game. The objective is simple, it's like a mix of 2048 and a match game- when you swipe to move the blocks in the direction up, down, left or right you move entire column or row as long as the blocks have space in front of them.

If you run out of space to move anything, you lose- like 2048. when you match three or more blocks that are the same colour, then you get points and the blocks disappear, giving you more space to move the blocks around.


Smartphone-Game-Color-Surge-Samsung-Z1-Z2-Z3-Tizen-Store-1 Smartphone-Game-Color-Surge-Samsung-Z1-Z2-Z3-Tizen-Store-2 Smartphone-Game-Color-Surge-Samsung-Z1-Z2-Z3-Tizen-Store-3

Different Modes

  • SWIPE right, left, up or down to move the tiles.
  • MATCH 3 or more tiles of the same colour to get points.
  • DON'T run out of space or it is game over.
  • CLASSIC mode: No limits on the amount of moves.
  • TIMED mode: Race against the clock and see how many tiles you can match
  • MOVES mode: See how high of a score you can get with only 50 moves
  • The HIGHER amount of tiles you MATCH the greater the multiplier on your score.




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