Smartphone Game: Hero The Fight, available for your Tizen mobile

Mar 27, 2017

Hero: The Fight is a game where you fight your enemies, pretty obvious when you think about it. The game has really detailed and smooth graphics with very good sound - in the main menu, the developer has put in a slow adventurous music to set the scene. Hero: The Fight has been rated 3.9/5.0 which is quite good, the majority of the people who have rated the game, has rated it five stars. The developer, PLaylzzOn Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has currently made two other games, Being SalMan: The Official Game (which has been rated four point two) and Mad Car Racing (which has been rated three point eight.)

On the main menu, there is the play button, which leads you to three different stages, and upgrade, which is where you upgrade your character's belts. There is the white belt, yellow, orange, green, blue, magenta, brown, grey, red, and then the best belt, BLACK!!! You can upgrade to the next belt by buying it with the virtual coins you collect.

In stage one in Hero The Fight, you have eleven people to fight. As you defeat the villains, they next people become progressively harder. When you select the villain you want to fight, it comes up with their description, health and how much damage they can do.


Hero The Fight is available now for FREE in the Tizen Store with a download size of 35.35MB. If you are an app or a game developer and you want your app or game reviewed by us, then contact us at [email protected]

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