Smartphone Game: Toon Sniper 3D is available in Tizen Store

Mar 1, 2017

Toon Sniper is a game where you have to shoot, nothing else to it (almost.) You have to shoot the terrorists from the rooftop that you are standing on. The controls are simple. On the left bottom corner, you swipe left or right to look around and on the right bottom corner, you tap to shoot. There is also a magnifier icon above where you swipe to look around; this helps you to zoom in on the enemy and it helps your aim. You have a certain amount of people and the time you need to kill them in- on the first level you kill ten people in one minute fifteen seconds.

Currently, there are only eighteen levels but in the description, the developer has stated there are over 50 levels to complete. I think this game is really good. The graphics are really good, the cartoon 3D keeps me engaged with the game. The sounds are also really good, with realistic gunshot sounds. Toon Sniper 3D has been rated 4.4/5.0 which is really good.
The developer, Bojan Skaljac, has currently made twelve other games: Talking running Casper cat 3D, Toon snake, Amazing Stack, Amazing pit, Fruit crush mania, Talking Manny monkey, Roman jewels, Jump monkey jump, Casual jewels, Tiny miner, Swap the dragon blocks, and Control tower free. I hope in future updates for Toon Sniper 3D, the developer will add a feature where you can customise the surroundings/ different guns.



  • Over 50 shooter mission to complete
  • Cartoon 3D graphics

This game is available in the Tizen store now for free with a download size of 19.24MB

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