A brief on Samsung's new AI voice assistant Bixby

Apr 10, 2017

Samsung finally has its own Voice assistant to go against the likes of Google Assistant and Apple's Siri called Bixby. Samsung had acquired Viv Labs better known for developing Siri, last year to develop its own AI based assistant and Bixby is the result of it. At the launch of its recent flagship, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung announced that it has integrated Bixby into the smartphone and hence will be the first phones to feature the AI Voice assistant. Both the devices also have a dedicated hardware button to trigger Bixby which indicates that Samsung are pretty serious about the new service.

Bixby, as Samsung claims, is aimed ato make it less cumbersome to use all the features loaded into smartphones these days. Being a voice assistant in its core, Users just have to speak to it without the hassles of requiring to use any keywords to get their task done. The tasks could range from playing music, placing calls, texts, taking pictures, getting weather updates, booking online, setting up reminders and a whole lot more. Bixby like most AI services gets to know its users better over time and provides accurate responses.

While most Voice Assistant services could possibly do the tasks that Bixby can within the phone, Bixby has the edge over them of doings tasks outside of the phone too. With Samsung being an industry leader in Electronics having some really innovative products to its name, it is enabling most of such smart products to work with Bixby. That includes features such as changing channels on Samsung TVs, streaming movies and shows, getting updates on groceries from Samsung's smart refrigerators, Setting room temperatures, pre-heating oven, etc all by just your voice command like you would ask someone else to do the job.

Samsung's Bixby is expected to bring a major change in the way we look at Voice Assistant services and it is only a matter of time before we get to see if it meets these expectations.




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