See how Iris Recognition Technology Fits into Samsung’s IoT Vision

Apr 6, 2017

Since the start of the digital era, we have always tried to safeguard our data, securely locking it away with the help of a password. As Information Technology has evolved more methods have been devised to help keep the unwanted out - PIN Lock, Patten Lock, Finger Print Sensor amongst others. In Samsung's latest upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy S8, the Korean tech giant is Introducing another method: Iris Recognition.

Iris Recognition technology works by actually scanning the Iris of the user and creating an ‘iris signature’ that can be used as a form of biometric authentication, which is unique to only that person and can not be replicated. The probability of two people possessing identical patterns equates to 1 in 10 to the 78th power, which means you probably won't find anyone on the face of the earth with the same Iris pattern as you, EVER! The Iris does not change over the period of someone's lifetime, unless some physical damage alters it, and is usally scanned via an IR Scanner.

Samsung is Interested in all forms of Technology and an important part of that is the Internet of Things (IoT). The use cases are many such as door entry systems, Immigration, hospital patient identification and more. One important implementation is mobile payments and Samsung want to create a new Payment ecosystem in the world of connected devices. Check out the video below for a run down on this exciting technology:-




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