Samsung partners with Visa to simplify online payment process through Samsung Pay

Apr 3, 2017

Making payments online with your credit/debit cards hasn't been the most convenient of process over the decade despite technological breakthroughs happening in almost every field we know of. In recent times, however, there has been an uprising of mobile payments services from startups and established firms alike. Samsung's solution to make payments less complicated is with its Samsung Pay service and just recently Samsung took a step in the right direction by partnering with Visa to reduce the hassles around online payments using Visa credit/debit cards.

With this partnership, Samsung has enabled Samsung Pay users to make transactions/shop online from a huge number of merchants who Visa cards at checkout. Unlike the usual process of entering the billing or shipping address and typing down all your card information such as the number, name,expiry,cvv, etc and then having to submit the password for almost every transaction, the process with Samsung Pay lets you overcome all that by just using their fingerprint on any of Samsung's fingerprint authentication-enabled devices.

Using fingerprint scanners on smartphones for payments has been a question of security for a while now with people having the fear of getting their crucial data leaked. However, Samsung claims that their Samsung Pay checkout service is completely safe and secure (we believe Samsung's KNOX service might be at play here). Samsung hopes that with this partnership it can have a hold on the online payment service market and help bring a change to online merchants with a streamlined checkout experience.

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