Samsung POWERBot gets a 30% limited time discount in the US

Apr 19, 2017

Remember POWERBot, Samsung's answer to Roomba the robot autonomous Vacuum cleaner? If you're in the US, you could get one of those right now for $349.99 which is a 30% discount from its original price. The POWERBot is currently being sold with this limited period offer on Amazon and like we mentioned earlier shipping is only limited to the USA due to federal regulations.

The Samsung POWERBot being a completely automated vacuum cleaner comes with features such as scheduling work at any specific time of the day (there is a manual drive too). Once the job is assigned, the POWERBot goes around the house cleaning while avoiding every obstacle thanks to a range of sensors mounted on to it. The large wheels on the POWERBot enables it to move over minor obstacles such as carpets and mats with ease.

If you fancy having the POWERBot moving around your home, you will have to grab one right away, since the limited time discount offer on amazon has very less stock in its inventory. So head over and hit that Buy Now button right away.

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