Samsung release three Gear S3 watchfaces - Outdoor, Travel and Sports

Apr 14, 2017

To celebrate the Spring season, Samsung has released three official Gear S3 watchfaces, to help you enjoy the warm weather - Outdoor, Travel and Sports. The watchfaces are designed to make it easier for Gear S3 users to streamline travel, training and trekking the great outdoors. The S3 is a great companion for you, with it being IP68-certified water and dust resistance, GPS capability and business & fitness features.


For Outdoor Adventures

Samsung-Gear-S3-Watchface-Outdoor-activities-sportsThis watchface helps users enjoy the outdoors, whether it's going for a stroll, a hike or a trek, by providing information on battery, barometer, altimeter, weather, light and sunset Sunrise times. You can launch the associated app with a particular indication by tapping it once, while double-tapping will allow you to customize various display-related settings. You can also change the color of the main screen with a choice of 4 color themes. There is also a dedicated night mode on offer, which is activated by tapping the centre of the screen.



For World Travelers


If you're a word traveller on the go then this watchface might suit you quite well, for both the business traveller and tourist alike. You have customizable dual-time indications which allow you to easily access the time and temperature for both your current location and back home. At the top of the screen, you have the chosen currency being displayed. At the bottom you have your distance travelled, which opens up a map once tapped, allowing you to navigate your new location.



For Sports

Samsung-Gear-S3-Watchface-sports-fitness-tracker-gymIf you are serious about your sports then this is the one. You have a stopwatch that can be activated on the actual watchface, not a separate app, and can be paused. Other useful indicators are speedometer, route, Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and Alitmeter. At the bottom of the screen, you have a map to show where you are along your chosen route. The Sports Watchface also features a built-in alert function that is designed to keep you below your max heart rate level – the screen will flash red in order to tell you to take things a little bit easier.


All three of these Gear S3 watchfaces, Outdoor, Travel and Sports, are currently available to download in the Gear App Store.


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