Samsung Smart TVs now have the YouTube kids app

Apr 26, 2017

YouTube Kids, as the name might suggest, is an app created by Google that is designed for kids. The idea behind the application is that it is useful for children to be able to find suitable content that they might be looking for, whilst restricting more adult topics or unsuitable material.

The YouTube Kids app was first released on the phone and tablet over two years ago and has more than 30 billion views and over 8 million weekly active viewers. Now, it has been totally built from the ground up to cater for younger minds. Starting today, the YouTube Kids app will be available on LG, Samsung, and Sony smart TVs in the 26 countries where the app is currently launched.

samsung-tv-uhd-ku6100-curvedThe good news is that all 2013 - 2017 Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players that have access to the Samsung App Store will have access to the app where the YouTube Kids app is currently available: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Singapore, and France.

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