Samsung starts rolling out new value pack update for the Gear S3

Apr 8, 2017

Samsung recently rolled out a new value pack update for the Gear S3 in its major markets (also hitting other markets soon) with key focus of the update being on UI improvements along with new added features. With the new update, Samsung continues to improve its Samsung Health app with an improved UI and workout features. The app now displays users about the time they spent in each heart rate zone for their workout sessions and also displays their daily heart rate range.

The update also brings in the ability to auto-locate and record the location of the smartwatch wearer whilst on a run or walk and brings in a sync pace-setter feature on the Samsung Health app for the smartphone paired with the watch. Users can now also set reminders for workouts using the S Voice service. This feature will also be available on the Gear S2.

Samsung have also brought in a new feature that can be used to change the display scheme of the Gear S3 to better adjust with the readability conditions of the user, this includes a ‘Dark screen’, ‘Greyscale’ and ‘Negative colors’ mode.

Misplaced Gear S3's can now be tracked using the 'Find My Gear' section of the Gear Manager app, it also includes an option to remotely lock the smartwatch and display the owner's contact information such as phone number or address on the lockscreen.

Samsung-Gear-S3-Value-Pack-Update-3There are a lot more changes included with this value pack updated which can be read about from here. Users can download the value pack update from the the Samsung Gear app if it has been rolled out in your market as of now.


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