Samsung's Tizen-based Breeze-Free Air Conditioners are just the thing for summer

Apr 24, 2017

Samsung has got many products that are powered by the Linux based Tizen Operating System, with a particularly strong focus on the Smart Home and wearable tech. Their breeze-free air conditioners are popular, especially with summer fast approaching, and consists of the wall-hanging breeze-free air conditioners and also the stand-type breeze conditioners that joined the range last year.

Now, Industry sources claim that Samsung shares in domestic markets for air conditioners are within the 60% range this year. “Due to popularity of breeze-free air conditioners in 2016, the difference in shares of Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics became bigger.” said a representative for an industry. “Although it is still early 2017, difference in shares has become even bigger this year.”

These air conditioners are another product category in Samsung's Tizen smart home strategy. You can use a Smartphone app or your IoT enabled Tizen TV to control all the features of the device, in the case of the smartphone even if you are not home at the time. For instnce, If your on the way home on a blazing hot day, you can start the air conditioners on their duty to cool down your house, ready for your arrival.

Samsung Electronics has a strong foot hold in its home market for these devices, but it also now established SEACE (Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe), which is an European sales corporate for air conditioner, in order to expand its presence in foreign air conditioner markets.

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