Smartphone App: Backup And Restore app launched at Tizen Store

Apr 12, 2017

In all Tizen Phones, there's only one way to backup and restore your files, Samsung Cloud. But last week, SomyaC released the Backup And Restore app with this Music Recognizer app. They have now submitted an updated version of the Backup And Restore app to address a particular bug.

Users can backup or restore Contacts, SMS list, Call log and calendar events. You've to just select which contents are you want to Backup then tap on the BACKUP NOW button. During restore, you can see the backup files on the screen. Tap on any selection and then tap restore.

Suppose you backup any files and uninstall the app. No problem, your backup files are already saved on device storage -> documents -> Backup And Restore as a .json file. You can share this to any phone and restore on other phone or restore it anytime.



The app is currently available in the Tizen Store and has a download size of 2.5MB and is compatible with all Tizen mobiles.


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