Free Hindi English Phrasebook for Tizen phones, Coming soon to Gear S3 !

When LanguageTech, our emerging company devoted to connect languages and technology, decided to create a Hindi English Phrasebook app for Tizen smartphones
Apr 12, 2017

Guest post by Vasil Tabakov, CEO Belvek Ltd

Hindi English Phrasebook for Tizen phones

When LanguageTech, our emerging company devoted to connecting languages and technology, decided to create a Hindi-English Phrasebook app for Tizen smartphones, this was not just a spontaneous decision. As a matter of fact, we have started releasing a series of phrasebook apps for iPhones and Android phones since last year. We called the series Speak Up and addressed the apps mainly to travellers who need a digital assistant to help them in everyday situations when visiting a foreign country.


English, because the mother tongue is not enough in India

Our team has been in IT for more than ten years now and for this time we've worked and are still working with many people from India. Therefore, we realized how important it is for Indian people to learn and brush up their English. Of course, we asked ourselves why is that? And we found several good reasons for it.
It turns out that English has become the language of the elite in India. But that's not all. English is not only the language they prefer to speak but the language of the governance in India. All official documents, all government forms, all medicine labels, traffic signs, nutrition labels etc. all of them are only printed in English. In other words, it's difficult for an Indian citizen to survive in India without knowing to read, write and speak English. Not to mention that you have zero chances for career development if you are not fluent in English.


Tizen for the Hindi English Phrasebook

With this in mind, we decided to add a Hindi-English app to our Speak Up phrasebook series. Of course, we've released iOS and Android versions first, but what we're considering most valuable is the Tizen version of the phrasebook app.

The Hindi-English Phrasebook app is completely free for Tizen smartphones on the Tizen market. Instantly, it has hit over 3,000 downloads in the first few days alone without any marketing or advertising. Obviously, people do need it and do appreciate it.

And for us, this is a good sign that shows we're moving in the right direction. For this reason, we're planning to release more phrasebooks for different languages not only for Tizen smartphone but also for the Samsung Gear S3 smart watch. The Hindi-English Phrasebook is just the beginning.


What's special about the Hindi English Phrasebook

Firstly, the Hindi English phrasebook is completely FREE.

Another key point is that the app is super easy to use - it has sleek design and doesn't require an internet connection once installed on the smartphone. Gradually in upcoming releases, we'll be adding audio and quizzes which are already available for Android and iOS.


Additional features

  • Contains 30 categories (e.g. Food, Family, Recreation...);
  • Contains more than 1100 phrases in all these categories;
  • Works offline;
  • Has custom designed category graphics;
  • Is 100% free;
  • Has been translated by native Hindi speakers;
  • Has a very quick and easy navigation
  • Available in the Tizen Store




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