Smartphone App: Music Recognizer app to find songs available now on Tizen Store

Apr 3, 2017

Today, developer SomyaC has added an app named Music Recognizer to the Tizen Store, which is listed as FREE (previously it was paid for). The app that lets you find the details of a song which you might be listening on your TV, Radio or another music gadgets. This is the same app developer that has brought you Advance Call Recorder, Font Manager, Retro Audio Recorder, Walkie Talkie and Tooler. All the apps are quite good and popular in the Tizen store and cover a range of different uses. Let's see how it's working:


How it works

Suppose you're listening a song on your TV or Radio or another mobile and you can't understand or remember the song details (album name, singer etc.).

  • Then you've to launch the app and tap on the icon 'TAP TO START!' and put your phone near the speaker.
  • This app 'll listen the song for 10 seconds and I'll search for details of the song.
  • After searching found this app 'll automatically show the music details and the YouTube search link, Spotify search link, note creator for the music and share option.



  • YouTube search link of every songs
  • Spotify search link of some songs
  • Note creator for every music
  • Share music details option
  • History of every searched songs
  • View and delete history anytime
  • Sort history by Title and Time
  • A huge music database
  • Just a small internet connection required


How to you test the app's work

If you want to quickly test this app then plug in your headphones on your phone and start playing some music, launch the app and tap on the icon 'TAP TO START!'. L



Let us know in the comments section below if the app can successfully find the music track that you were currently listening to. This app is now available for all Tizen-powered smartphones and has a download size of 3MB.

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