Smartphone Game: Escape from LaVille' and the sequel Escape from LaVille 2 in the Tizen Store for free

Apr 13, 2017

Escape From LaVille

Escape From LaVille is a game where you have to escape from the abandoned town called LaVille. You go exploring the town and something happens... You are captured and put into a basement. You need to figure out a way to get out of the cramped room. I would tell you how to get out but you can figure that out by yourself (SAVAGE!!!) Once you have figured how to get out- you explore the house, find objects, and figure out how to get out of the house. You have a briefcase with you when you find things that can help, you put it in your case.

The game has a really eery feel to it- the music is quite quiet at times and loud at other times. When I was playing, the background music was quiet and sounds such as the steps you take and opening a creeky door really stood out. Also in the introduction, the developers were getting you straight into the game- there is a man (your character, Detective Campbell) talking and explaining what happened before you wake up finding yourself trapped in a room. The graphics are an addition to the creepiness- it is dim and some areas are dark. Apart from that, the graphics are really detailed and they have shading, which makes it even more realistic. The game has been rated four point two out of five by fifty-one people, the majority rating it a five.


The plot

In 2011 Detective Campbell goes to investigate what happened in the LaVille district. A weird virus that killed everyone there, leaving the town empty. But the weird thing is, the bodies come back to life and one old mansion that seems to be the entire answer to the puzzle.

This game is available in the Tizen Store now for free with a download size of 28.48MB.


Escape From LaVille 2

Escape from LaVille 2 is very similar (practically the same) as Escape From LaVille one. You are now outside the mansion and you are exploring the town and looking for more clues and evidence of what happened in the town. Everyone is dead and their dead bodies are becoming alive again. I remember when I was exploring the town, I went up to a shop and tried to open the door. When that didn't work- I pulled a cloth out of a small hole in the door and found a creature or something shaking and watching me behind the door.

The Story in LaVille 2

Detective Campbell had found out about a doctor called Doctor Constance. The famous physician was carrying out experiments on the whole town of LaVille and his family. Detective Campbell discovered that the mad doctor had used his son to create a monster with superhuman strength. That was the last information that HQ received from Detective Campbell, after which all communications broke down and there has been no trace of Forest Campbell since. Now Lionel Starbird, one of the best detectives in the team, has been appointed to find Detective Campbell and continue to shed light on this mystery.

Escape from LaVille 2 has the same graphics and sounds as The game has a horror game sound to it (THAT'S THE POINT) You can clearly hear footsteps or rustling leaves. The graphics are also really good and unbelievably detailed! The game has been rated four points zero out of five, the majority rating it a five.





Escape from Laville is a challenging point and click game. Step into the shoes of Detective Campbell and clue after clue discovers the mystery behind the Laville district. Explore all environments and collect all the objects to solve puzzles.



2011, something strange happened to LaVille district. A mysterious virus hit the inhabitants who got sick and started to die, one by one. The weirdest thing is that after death their bodies come back to life!
Forest Campbell is engaged in solving the mystery behind the district but when he arrives he find himself surrounded by death. The investigation leads him into an old mansion that seems to be the key to the mystery… Escape from LaVille walkthrough:
Escape from LaVille2' plot

Following the massive epidemic that wiped out the whole district of LaVille, Detective Forest Campbell from the W.E.S.T. (Weird Enigma Special Team) was called to investigate and solve the case of the mysterious Green Frost virus. Detective Campbell had started to shed light on the case, when he entered the house of Lots of objects to find and riddles to solve! Enthralling soundtrack! A diary to record clues in! Escape from LaVille 2 has been translated into the following languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese and Japanese.





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