Smartphone Game: Gravity Runner for Tizen Devices

Apr 17, 2017

Gravity Runner is a game where you have to run (from something). The main colours that the developer uses are black and blue that add to the games futuristic feel. When playing the controls are simple- there are two buttons. One button makes gravity disappear in order to make you float (or come back down depending on where you are on the map), the other button makes you fly whilst floating so you can basically skip jumps. 🙂

There is a level mode, where you play in levels and an endless mode where you have to get as far as you can without dying. There is also records, your highest score on level one, two, and three and your highest score on the endless mode. In options, you can stop the sound or music, change the language, or reset your progress. The game has been rated three points zero out of five which is really good. Personally, I think that the graphics are nice but the sound isn't that appealing.

The developer, Nguyen Thanh Tan, has currently made sixteen other games and some apps. Some of them are Ultimate boxing, Sound Manager, Task Manager, system setting, Mirror HD, Mirror for Makeup, Extreme Street Boxing and others.


Gravity Runner is available in the Tizen Store now for free with a download size of 32.56MB. If you are a developer and you want your app or game reviewed by the Tizen Experts Team then drop us an email at [email protected].

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