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Apr 19, 2017

Train Simulator 3D is a game where you have to drive a train and try to complete the level and NOT to crash the said train. The controls are very simple, there is a brake and accelerator and that is it! Simplist controls EVER!! There are currently twenty levels to play and hopefully, there will be more in future updates. You can also change the camera view to help you drive the train better and a horn to warn another drive or an animal that you are coming. Whilst driving, you come across red, orange, and green lights. Green to go, orange to slow down, and red to stop. (Like traffic lights.) There is also a map to show you the map that will be ahead and more traffic lights.


The game has really nice and realistic graphics but it is pixelated in certain areas, what a pity. The sound is also realistic and there is no background music (but why????)- there is sound such as crickets chirping. Train Simulator has been rated four points three out of five by one hundred and fifty-three people. The developer, Binu Mulackal Babu, has currently made two other games. Taxi Simulator and Truck Racing 3D.






This game is available in the Tizen Store now for free with a download size of 22.78MB. If you are a developer and you want your app or game reviewed by us, then please contact us at [email protected].


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