Smartwatch App: SoundCIoudPro for Samsung Gear S2 and S3

Apr 28, 2017

SoundCloud boasts at being the world's largest music and audio platform from a community of diverse music creators. It is an easy way for artists to connect directly with their audience sharing raw demos, podcasts and more. SoundCloud Pro is a FREE app for the Gear S2 / S3 smartwatches that has just been updated with more features.



Using SoundCloud Pro you are able to discover new music that you won't stumble upon anywhere else. When first launched you have the option of Search, Explore, Following, Account and Guide. You can find new favourites with suggested tracks based on your likes and what you listen to most. Listen to your favourite tracks and artists from a variety of genres, countries, and artists. You also have the ability to download your favourite song and save it in the mobile for listen offline ( save the song in folder "Download/ SoundCIoud" in the mobile).



The app works really well if you also install the Music Cloud Provider app on your Android smartphone, also available for FREE, which allows you to download your favourite songs on the mobile and also Play the song from the Gear smartwatch on the mobile. The app only supports the Gear S2 / S3.


New Features Version 3.0.1

After you log in to your SoundCloud account, you can Access Tracks, PIayList, Favourites.



Check out the video below to show you how to login your SoundCIoud account.



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