Third Developer Preview Build of Tizen .NET is NOW out

Apr 1, 2017

Samsung has released the third developer preview of Tizen .NET to help developers build Tizen applications. The previous .NET preview build brought in substantial updates with support to Tizen TV application development including Xamarin.Forms for UI building. Now, with the release of the third preview, users can develop self contained Tizen apps that do not require .NET runtime to be pre-installed on the target Tizen device.




The new release also brings in new features to Visual Studio tools for Tizen which includes a Log Viewer for debugging applications by capturing all the data logged by the app and the platform and Visual Studio Tools also features a Device Manager tool to provide information on the connected device or emulator.




This update also brings in numerous multimedia features support such as Camera, Wave Player, Tone Player, Media Streaming and Screen Mirroring. Platform-specific features such as Messages, Bluetooth, Voice Control, Input Method and FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) can also now be accessed by developers with this update.

Samsung also mentioned with the release note that the next developer preview build will be released on the 1st of May and also that Tizen Devices with .NET capabilities will be launched later in 2017, which could likely be the rumored Samsung Z4 or Z5.

You can learn more about Visual Studio Tools for Tizen from here:


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