UPI payments go live on Samsung Pay in India

Apr 23, 2017

Everybody wants to go Digital in order to achieve a total digital lifestyle, or close to that as possible, and as a step towards this India really likes the sound of Digital Payments. Samsung’s payment service, Samsung Pay, currently supports all major banks in India and also includes support for Paytm.

When Samsung Pay was initially launched in India, Samsung stated that it would support India’s UPI payments service, and the good news is that the service has now gone live and supports all Indian users that might be Interested. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a national service that allows you to transfer funds between banks in India.

One of the great things about UPI is that you only need the users to a telephone number, which they have already registered with their bank, in order to successfully transfer money. Obviously, it helps if you also have the funds available to send, but I digress. This is one of the most accessible money transfer systems in the country that also have the ability to be used from a feature phone.

You can use the Samsung Pay app to request money from people and also make payments for goods. The UPI support will be pushed down to users as part of an 84 MB update (size might vary) to Samsung Pay. The app has not been released for Tizen smartphones at the moment and there is no news of when this will be implemented on Tizen smartwatches, such as the Gear S3, but having Samsung Pay support is certainly a much-needed piece of the puzzle.




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