Samsung tasks developers on lucrative alternative app stores and emerging markets

May 26, 2017

VentureBeat recently held its GamesBeat Summit 2017 earlier this month in Berkeley, California and one of the discussants was Samsung's strategic partner manager for games, Ravi Belwal. The Samsung executive spoke on opportunities for alternative app stores and emerging mobile game, pointing out that developers can make money from such fallow ground.

Mr Belwal apparently was making a case for the Samsung App store as well as the Tizen OS. Being a top executive at Samsung, one of the biggest mobile device companies in the world, Mr Ravi has an insight into the record books and the company's projection as to the growth of the Tizen ecosystem. He revealed that Tizen already has a firm footing in emerging markets like India. He disclosed that there is a huge potential in the market despite not generating a lot of cash now but with a rapidly increasing user growth.

Apart from the Tizen OS, Samsung's Galaxy App Store is also increasing by the day as the company recently revealed that the store has 24 million active visitors monthly as against just 6 million in 2015. That is an exponential growth and the company is putting up incentives to bring more app developers to develop games and apps for its Tizen devices.

Mr Belwal also revealed during his presentation that big games such as Temple Run have become available in India, even though it is yet to generate lots of revenue. He expressed optimism for the future as he sees India as being a “sleeping giant.”

Other games such as Moonfrog Games, led by game developer Mark Skaggs, co-creator of FarmVille, had big success in India with the launch of the mobile game, dubbed S.S. Rajamouli's Baahubali: The Game. The mobile game was based on a popular India movie series by director S.S. Rajamouli titled Baahubali and which is reputed as India's biggest movie ever.

Samsung now targets up to 50 million monthly active users from the 24 million it stands at presently and India could hold the ace. Emerging app developers could also be a part of this moving train which would be beneficial to all partners. That is the only way out, more interesting and innovative apps on the store.

Watch the Video of Ravi Belwal's presentation during the summit below.

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