Atresmedia's Atresplay application premiere exclusively for Samsung Smart TV

May 7, 2017

Spanish media giant Atresmedia Digital has announced the exclusive launch of its Atresplayer application for Samsung Smart TV, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics. The new app for Samsung Smart TV brings to users the entire range of audiovisual content from Atresmedia group as well as live broadcasts, free of charge. The Atresplayer app will allow users in the region to get access to contents of television channels such as Antena 3, laSexta, Neox and Nova, as well as radio stations Onda Cero, Europa FM and Melodía FM.

The new app also opens up the possibility of users accessing their favourite contents any day and at all time of the day. Contents such as El Secreto de Puente Viejo, Sin Identidad or With the ass to the air which is all free series. Users also get to view programs such as El Hormiguero 3.0 or The Comedy Club, Antenna 3 Noticias and laSexta Noticias, in addition to events like the Formula 1 and the best children series in Neox Kidz. The Samsung Smart TV joins other media where the app is available such as PC, tablets, Smartphones and consoles.

Apart from free contents, the Atresplayer application is also expected to offer the possibility of acquiring and viewing content even before they are broadcasted. In addition, the new app also has an intuitive system that allows users to get easy access to content that most interests them, thus improving users' experience. Furthermore, the app adapts the resolution of the display images quickly to the quality of the available network which the Samsung Smart TV is connected. This ensures that there is no interference or interruption to views' access to seamless viewing of contents.

Samsung introduced its first Tizen-powered Smart TV in 2008 and since then, numerous tweaks and changes have been brought into how Samsung apps are accessed and used via the TV's onscreen menu system, which is currently referred to as "The Smart Hub". Apart from Samsung Apps, there are other third party apps that can be used on the Smart TV such as Facebook video app, Spotify app etc. With the addition of the  Atresplayer app, the lists of supported apps available on the Tizen-based Smart TV keep increasing and certainly, there are lots more to come.

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