Commax to use the Tizen OS for Smart Home and IoT devices

May 31, 2017

Commax, a smart home device manufacturer, announced their partnership with Samsung at the Tizen Developer Conference 2017 (TDC) to utilize the Tizen Operating System (OS) as a platform for their Internet of Things (IoT) devices. During the conference, hardware manufacturers and developers were shown how it was possible for them to build Tizen-based IoT devices for a wide range of use cases including home automation.

Tizen is going beyond Smartphones, Smart TV, Smart camera and Smartwatch and into embedded devices. Now, devices like boilers, weights, and light bulbs are ideal targets for Tizen RT. This growth will also help strengthen and grow the Tizen ecosystem as a whole. Commax plans to develop embedded home automation devices such as CCTV and security devices such as door locks and a wallpad using the Tizen OS. The company will work and share API (Application Programming Interface) with Samsung Electronics and co-operate to create products that can Interact with other devices including Smart Home appliances.

"Many companies need to participate in the ecosystem associated with Tizen to expand Tizen applications," said a representative for an industry. "It is necessary to secure various ecosystems of the partnership as the number of players increases by providing the platform."



Tizen is an Open Source Linux distribution that third-party companies are welcome to "take" and use it as the Operating System for their IoT devices. In recent years lots of new Smart Home and IoT devices have used communication protocols, such as Zigbee or Z-wave, for Inter-device communication. It is hoped that there can be a shift to new Machine to Machine (M2M) communication technologies, which allows networked devices to exchange information and perform actions, such as IoTivity used by OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) for IoT. Now, more sensor devices are being recognised as IoT devices other than smartphones and smart home appliances, which makes Tizen or Tizen RT particularly attractive for these use case.


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