DJI releases a community drone video app for Samsung Smart TVs and other Smart TV platforms

May 23, 2017

Popular Drone manufacturer DJI has been making drones with some of the finest cameras in the industry used by both amateurs as well as professional cinematographers. Some of these Aerial content are turning out to be really impressive. However, the medium to consume this content so far has either been via phones/online. Now, DJI is experimenting with a new way to attract users towards its Drone business- DJI has now developed a Smart TV app which is like a YouTube of UAV videos.

The app has been currently developed for 3 major platforms- Apple TV, Samsung's Tizen-based Smart TVs and even Android-based TVs (5.1 and higher only). The app features some of the best shots taken by DJI users and viewing the content is absolutely with no hidden charges. DJI's clear intention here is to initially amaze people about how great Drone photography can be and then slowly attract viewers towards its huge lineup of drones such as the Phantom series or even the Inspire series of drones.

With 4K content still being a scarcity in most countries, free to use apps such as this also likely to boost the sales of 4K TVs. The camera department of DJI has been top notch ever since the inception of the Phantom series and it only got better and started to even appeal to professional movie makers once the Inspire series of drones started flying. Now, to experience content coming from such high-quality cameras from users all over the world for free is certainly a killer deal!

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