FAQ of Tizen Users - YouTube videos / WhatsApp audio files and Tizen Store

May 2, 2017

Over the last two years, I have been a Tizen Smartphone User with access to two Tizen-powered smartphones. The Samsung Z1 was the first basic smartphone in my life and it's without video calling function and a growing number of good apps and games. For any problem, I was using the Samsung Z1 Smartphone Facebook group. Really it was helpful to me then and also helping me now in everyday life. I started friendships with group admins and learned a lot of tricks using this new Tizen-powered smartphone. Tizen Experts website is one of the reasons for love Tizen OS. Definitely, this Tizen OS was very interesting to me. At last, after 2 years I'm a Tizen Expert team member / writer / contributor.

As an old user of Tizen Operating system now I know almost all problem of this phone or this operating system. Today I post some common questions with answers by all Tizen users, which are frequently posted on the groups and also asked directly to me.


How to download YouTube videos in Tizen phones?

There is a problem for all smartphones, not only Tizen, as Google does not allow apps to access YouTube videos to download, may they be Android, iOS or Tizen. You can use any online YouTube downloader in order to download YouTube videos. Otherwise, we always wish to use YouTube from default Tizen browser. There is a good short trick to download YouTube videos. At first, you go to your favourite video page and select the link. Then put "ss" in the link between "m. & YouTube". Then you will see the download link of the YouTube videos. Next, choose the download category and download.



How to save WhatsApp audio files?

Currently this feature is unavailable on Tizen Phones. But, using a trick you can save WhatsApp audio files. First, you select the audio file -> long press(select) -> forward -> via email -> [automatically launch email] -> tap option button -> send to myself -> send -> check your email -> open this -> download the audio file -> saved to download folder.

May this feature will available on 3.0 update.


How to Install paid apps from Tizen Store?

Here is a big confusion about the installation of paid apps from Tizen Store. At this moment you can't Install any paid apps if you haven't got a Credit Card. Otherwise, you can install them by any voucher code which is provided by the seller. You can get the voucher code by any game or, contest or, any lottery game etc. By this code, you can get the app (for which app/game the code is provided) free or, less cost.

I think these questions are more important for all Tizen users. Keep following out social media channels and we will have more tips and tricks for you:


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