This app is very fast and uses a well-featured emulator to run GameBoy and GameBoy Color titles.

This app does not include any ROMs. You need to obtain a ROM (legally), then transfer it to your watch memory. You can transfer ROM files to any folder on your smartwatch. The emulator looks for all ROM files stored in the watch when downloading the emulator. We recommend using Filesmaster which can transfer any files from a phone
to a watch as well as distinguish ROM files and extract ZIP archives too.



How to use?

To load ROM file(s), turn the rotating bezel left/right or open a menu and choose “Load ROM.” Loading by way of the rotating bezel works only when no ROM is loaded yet; later on, you have to use the menu. After loading the first ROM file, the rotating bezel serves as Select (gesture left) and Start (gesture right) buttons. Watch the video guide below.

Please note: this is the only emulation. Some games may not work perfectly; to get the best performance and user experience, we strongly recommend to use a real GameBoy device. This app does not include any BIOS file, has no ads, and does not rely on an internet connection.