Highlights of TDC 2017: Key focus on IoT with Tizen 4.0 and Tizen RT

May 17, 2017

The Tizen Developer Conference(TDC) 2017 successfully kicked off yesterday at Hilton Union Square Hotel in San Francisco. Today will be the second and the last day of the conference and will host a number of hands-on sessions and workshops for the attendee developers to get familiar with application development for Tizen. A 1:1 Tutorial Zone is set up to help developers instantly develop and run smart TV applications with the help of experts using Tizen.NET. The event is being attended by software developers and over 1000 service/content partners, device manufacturers and everyone else engaged with the Tizen ecosystem.


The theme of TDC 2017 being "Ready To Connect, Get Involved!", focuses mainly IoT and the opportunities that Tizen 4.0 platform and other evolving technologies provide for developing applications/UX for IoT devices. Samsung also announced an all new ARTIK module called the ARTIK 053. This is a lightweight and affordable platform for developing IoT devices/ solutions. It features a 320MHz ARM® Cortex® R4 core, 1.4MB RAM and 8MB Flash, software and a pre-certified Wi-Fi radio.

Unlike the current Tizen platform which was limited in distribution to TVs, smartphones, wearables and a few other devices, Tizen 4.0 drastically expands the target platform to various devices by subdividing functional modules. Tizen 4.0 has also been extended to Tizen RT (Real-Time) to make the development process seamless for both high-end devices such as phones and TVs and even low-end devices such as thermostats, scales, bulbs, and more. The ARTIK 053 as we mentioned earlier will be the first device to run Tizen RT



Samsung also announced that it will be strengthening its ties with chip makers such as Samsung ARTIK™ and Broadlink in China; smart home device manufacturer Commax in Korea; and the location-based service provider Glympse in the U.S. Samsung also showcased its all new Tizen smartphone- the Samsung Z4 at the conference. The smartphone runs Tizen 3.0 and comes with hardware comparable to mid-range devices. You can learn more about the Z4 in our hands-on article here.

Hyogun Lee, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics and Chair of the Tizen Technical Steering Group took the stage at TDC 2017 and said-

"Since launching, Tizen has become the OS for nearly all of Samsung’s products, and with its record of sales growth, proven itself as the most successful Linux-based embedded OS in the world. Among open collaborations, and as we enter the IoT era, we expect Tizen will open new opportunities for the future of IoT,”




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