OLX App finally lands on the Tizen Store

May 29, 2017

Buying and selling used stuff just got a whole lot easier if you are a Tizen user as the popular OLX app is finally here on the Tizen Store and it's free to download. With over 200 million monthly active users spread across 45 countries, you are most likely to find the thing you need within your city at a compelling price (sometimes negotiable too!) or if you need to make some quick cash, just pick up your Tizen device including the new Samsung Z4 and take a picture of the things you wish to let go, place an attractive ad on the OLX app describing the product and its condition, put up a price tag and publish the ad and you should get someone interested in buying your things in a matter of days or even quicker.

With Tizen hitting version 4.0 very soon and all its potential features discussed during Tizen developer conference 2017, Samsung hopes to catch the attention of more developers to make use of Tizen as a productive platform and monetize their apps or services. Currently, the mobile version of Tizen OS is at version 3.0 which was introduced in the recently launched Samsung Z4 smartphone and brings in new features such as voice recognition based quick actions, battery notifications, etc.


You can download the OLX app from the Tizen store right now. You can also catch our hands-on with the Z4 if you want to learn more.

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