Samsung aims to inspire new developers with ‘Devs Doing It Right’ project

May 13, 2017

The guys at the Samsung Developer program recently interviewed Marcus Koosmann, Lead Software Engineer at Little Labs, in order to get some insight into the inspiration behind the success of Little Labs as one of the leading company in watch face development. Little Labs rose to fame with its  Facer platform, which is the world's largest watch face customization platform, now offering more than 15,000 different designs from a community of over 6,000 designers. The company announced a new contest for watch face design for the Tizen-powered Samsung Galaxy S3.

The interview was part of the ‘Devs Doing It Right’ program which aims reveal what all successful developers have in common in order to help developers under the Tizen platform elevate their game and get to ‘Doing it Right’ status. Samsung indicates that three projects and/or team would be chosen at the end of the project which would be given additional technical and educational support. The three teams would also get a Galaxy S8, the latest device mentoring and tickets to the Samsung Developer Conference. The Samsung Developer Program is still open until June 1st for fresh entries. Applicants will need to indicate the project they’d like to collaborate on.

Back to the interview, Marcus was asked about his company's most popular product "Facer". The Software engineer revealed that Facer was the most advanced watch face design tool and the first cross-platform editor that could be deployed on both Tizen and Android Wear smart watches.

The Little Labs lead engineer also talked about developing apps for wearables and the important keys to "doing wearable right" from both the development and user experience perspective. On this topic, he stressed the importance of having a clear iconography and very clear colour codes when developing apps for wearables due to the small screen size and amount of times users spend on the interaction.

Marcus also shared other technical details which must be taken into account in order to create a memorable user experience in wearables. The technical hurdles faced when Facer was in development was also one of the issues discussed during the elaborate interview. Finally, Marcus also gave his thought on the features which all great apps had in common and his response was simplicity and focus. You can read more of the interview with Marcus Koosmann, Lead Software Engineer at Little Labs from here.

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