Samsung announces ARTIK 053, ARTIK QuickStart, services, and partnerships

Deidre Richardson
May 18, 2017

Samsung maintains its goal of giving users "what's next now," but the futuristic Internet of Things (IoT) trend is already proving to be an obstacle for a number of companies. IoT chips and modules must be in place to help companies connect their products to other connected devices; without it, companies will simply be left behind in the market and survival.

To get companies off the ground and into the IoT market, Samsung has taken its ARTIK platform (launched in 2015) and announced next-generation SAMSUNG ARTIK modules that are designed to speed up the process companies go through between product development and launch. The new ARTIK 053 Module comes with a 320Mhz ARM Cortex R4 Core, 1.4MB RAM, and 8MB Flash and Wi-Fi radio, along with Samsung's ARTIK Cloud services pre-loaded (not just for the new ARTIK 053 Module, but all ARTIK modules). The new ARTIK 053 Modules have been showcased at the Tizen Developer Conference (TDC 2017) this week.

Apart from the new ARTIK 053 Modules, Samsung has also announced new services for ARTIK Cloud, including secure over-the-air (OTA) updates, edge node management, and new cloud connectors for Amazon's Alexa Home Skill and Google's Google Assistant for Google Home. For businesses that are lost and in need of direction for IoT connectivity, Samsung is introducing SAMSUNG ARTIK QuickStart.

While announcing new hardware and software services, Samsung has also added two IoT partnerships along with it: the Korean giant has teamed up with VMWare to demonstrate how well its ARTIK 530 Module works with VMWare's Little IoT Agent (Liota) SDK at IoT World 2017. The ARTIK 530 Module, for those who may not know, was unveiled earlier this year with an HDMI output to connect displays and a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 Exynos CPU for more data-hungry IoT operations. Additionally, Samsung has secured the sale of its ARTIK modules, SDKs, and accessories with Mouser Electronics.

The ARTIK 053 Module can be purchased through Mouser Electronics, Mujin, Digi-Key, and Arrow starting today. You can find out more about today's announcements at the link below.

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