Samsung brings full-fledged Bixby AI to Galaxy S8 at last

Deidre Richardson
May 4, 2017

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are the two best smartphones Samsung has released on the market up until now, but some would say that they are incomplete without Samsung's new AI, Bixby. After announcing the feature would come pre-installed, word on the proverbial street rumored that Samsung would need a little more time before unveiling the new voice assistant on its next-generation smartphones. Though Bixby is present on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, the new AI is limited to text dictation and a Flipboard-like panel on the left side of main screen that can be activated with a press of the dedicated Bixby button. Hands-free Bixby has remained an unfulfilled promise until now.

At last, at last. Full-fledged Bixby has now come along. Samsung has started rolling out the gamut of Bixby capabilitiesĀ in Korea for Galaxy S8 users there. While the new rollout is only for the Korean Bixby version, Samsung plans to unveil an English Bixby in the coming weeks and a Chinese and Spanish Bixby down the road.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, the first phones in Samsung's "Galaxy" to feature the AI, have met their share of problems in recent days, with issues such as WiFi connectivity issues and a noticeable red tint that some view as a defect. In reality, though, Samsung has utilized Red OLED displays this year as opposed to non-red OLED screens in years past (the new Red OLED screen would prove to be "redder" than other panels, hence its name). Samsung has released an update to allow greater control of the visible red tint, which should eliminate the "problem" for affectedĀ users.

Bixby can perform over 3,000 different tasks, and the Korean giant has unveiled a number of them in five new videos released recently. Check out what Bixby can do in the video below.



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