Samsung Gear 360 & other 360-degree cameras become Google Street View-ready

May 10, 2017

Street View photos are often amazing to behold because of the beautiful landscape they capture in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, it is usually difficult to share your Street View photos on the internet even when such photos are captured using a 360-degree camera.

Google has come out with a solution that might make it easy to upload Street View images on the internet by launching a Street View-ready program. The tech giant says it is working with hardware partners on "Street View Ready" standards that will certify 360-degree cameras based on how easy it is to post shots captured on the cameras. The Street View ready devices are categorised into four different types depending on their capabilities.



With Street View mobile-ready devices, owners can post directly from an app on their mobiles without the need for a PC. On the other hand, auto-ready cameras are designed to capture high-accuracy snapshots from the car. VR-ready cameras collect the layout needed for virtual reality and connected 360-degree shots. There is also the Workflow-ready camera which comes with publishing tools that upload directly to Street View. In some cases, it is easy to record some footage even while on the move and loading an app then the images are uploaded.




There will be 20 certified camera brands arriving in 2017, all having different certification levels. The four different certification levels (listed) varies from brand to brand. From the list, if you're looking for a mobile ready camera then you'll have to look at the YI technology camera while a company such as Matterport offers VR -ready camera. Samsung has got its Tizen-powered Gear 360 lineup, the latest being the Gear 360 (2017) and it is certified as workflow ready. Co-travellers GoPro also receives a workflow ready certification.


The move is seen as one which would likely kickstart demand for 360-degree cameras since it gives you a reason to buy one. It doesn't have to be for VR, as you can always use it for different purpose apart from that. For instance, you could show friends what it really looks like on the beach, or during a driving trip to the countryside. The new development by Google could also help the tech giant in other aspects of its business like getting more persons post 360-degree videos on YouTube. Sales of VR headset like Google's Daydream View may also be impacted due to the need to increase immersion. The move may not lead to a rapid participation in 360-degree camera tech but in the long run, such a small step today may lead to a giant leap for the company in the future.

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