Samsung and Hipaax unveil IoT-Enabled Business solution for Gear S3 / S2

May 17, 2017

Samsung has teamed up with task management platform developer Hipaax to develop a task management solution for Samsung's latest wearable, the Gear S3. The solution integrates the Gear S3, Hipaax TaskWatch platform and Samsung SDS EMM technology in order to improve Workforce Management. The solution will speed up the use of wearables in the workplace with the integration of business solutions with new capabilities which improve efficiency, increase staff's productivity and provide an enhanced customer satisfaction.

The platform can perform tasks which are mostly done on a smartphone but now, it makes it available on the wearable. The solution can be deployed in the hospitality business, in retail and transport businesses. According to the statement issued, the features on offer include a hands-free task management solution that allows companies to customise a wearable interface based on their needs by integrating the Samsung Gear S3 or Gear S2 smartwatch and the Hipaax task management platform.

The solution has even been tested in real life, with restaurant chain Buffalo Wings & Rings presented as one of the case studies. The restaurant chain is said to already use the Samsung/Hipaax platform to let staff know if guests are not getting served in a timely fashion. This is achieved via notifications sent to wearables on the employees’ wrists to handle important customer interactions such as greeting guests, checking tables, serving drinks and cleaning tables. As a result of steady reminders the workers get, they are able to enhance their already top notch performance and this helps the growth of the business.

Another practical example presented is Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport which is also using Samsung’s wearables platform to match cleaning staff's response to restroom usage times. The airport which handles up to 6.7 million visitors yearly also uses IoT capabilities to improve restroom maintenance by equipping janitorial staff with Samsung Gear S3s and installing counting sensors in restrooms. Thus, when a restroom has been used by up to 150 guests, cleaning staff are notified via wearable that the restroom needs to be cleaned.

To manage all these capabilities, Integrated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) from Samsung SDS lets the IT administrators use a Web-based cloud server to manage wearable features, monitor device locations and remotely lock down devices for specific enterprise purposes. Samsung KNOX security solution is also deployed and makes the lockdown possible, restricting use to a single app for conducting business. Workers have just the functions required to perform tasks, providing a more secure wearable solution.

Samsung is billed to demonstrate the Hipaax TaskWatch solution at this year’s IoT World event currently ongoing in Orlando, Florida, May 16 – 18th, at the Samsung booth (#210). Already, the Hipaax TaskWatch solution for the Gear S3 is available on the SAP® App Center and the Samsung Artik platform. When downloaded you can access back-end data analytics, dashboard views, and other IoT-enabled capabilities that help companies manage their business more efficiently.


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